Task Views

You'll have different ways to access your tasks, and the way you view them is entirely personal preference.  Maybe you want to use the board on your computer, but the list on your mobile device. The choice is yours! You can switch back and forth between them anytime, and choose a default view in your account settings

When you navigate to Tasks, you should immediately notice the three tabs in the upper left - List, Board, and Calendar. These provide three options for you to view your tasks in different ways. 

  • The List View shows an itemized grid.  It is able to be sorted by the different column headers, allowing you to order these tasks by priority, due date, assignee, status, name, or the resource the tasks are assigned to. 
  • The Board View displays a series of status columns that track the progress of your task. You can move the task card across the board into different columns to transition it's status. This view provides a quick at-a-glance view of the progress of your tasks. You can customize the columns/statuses in your account settings as well. 
  • The Calendar View acts as a schedule for your tasks. You'll see when tasks are due, and when you are scheduled to work on them.