Task Checklist Items

Adding Tasks that include a checklist in Farmbrite

Some tasks require multiple steps - if you have a task assigned to a farm worker to perform routine maintenance on a farm vehicle, you may also need them to get supplies and schedule a replacement vehicle for use while this one is out of rotation. You can be sure all the sub-steps in a task are taken care of by adding a Checklist to your Task.  

To begin, navigate to Tasks, and then select New Task

Supply all the basics for your Task - Title, Due Date, Description, Assignee, etc. - Check out this article for a quick refresher on creating Tasks. 

If the Tasks has multiple steps, choose Add Checklist Item. A new row appears; click Add Checklist Item again to make another. Repeat as necessary to create all the subtasks you need to accomplish. 

Each subtask can now be marked complete without changing the status of the Task overall; this may be very helpful for Tasks that you have set to an In Progress status when using the Board View for your Tasks. That spark plug was a bear, so we will save it for tomorrow, but mark those first two checklist items as complete for now! We will also add 2 hours to our Hours Spent tracker to record the time we worked on this task so far. 

If you still need help with creating subtasks/checklist items, please feel free to reach out to us!