What's New - July 2024

We made enhancements across many different areas of Farmbrite this month. You'll find new features for tasks, crops, animals, climate logs, accounting, reports, and inventory! We've created new ways for you to work with repeated common tasks, new fields for your crop types, and enhancements to selling and birthing livestock. Let's take a look!  

Task Templates, Series, and Subtasks

You can now create task templates and task template series to make adding routine tasks much easier and quicker. You likely have many repeated tasks that need to be done for all of your animals, crops, equipment, and grow locations. For example,  when you plant a new crop, you might have plans for applying different fertilizers at different times throughout its lifecycle. Or, when you birth a new animal, you have a full checklist of things to do, like giving vaccines, attaching identification tags, taking measurements, and a lot more.  To save time with these, you can now create templates for the tasks to easily apply them to any record. That means you don't have to write out all the steps every time and can instead simply apply the template to create the tasks. These templates can be linked in a predefined series, so adding multiple tasks at once can be done in one action. You can even set the due dates for these in advance as well! The templates and series can also be added at the time you create plantings. 

We've also made changes to working with subtask checklist items. You can now drag and drop them to reorder them, allowing you to sequence them by what should be accomplished first. Additionally, you'll find a new Subtasks report in the reporting section, which displays all checklist items within a task. 

New Crop Data Fields and Reports

We've added a few new fields to your Crop Types to help you track additional information. You can now add data about preferred soil conditions, pruning, rootstock history, and flowering dates. 

  • The soil conditions can be used to filter your crop type list to be sure you plant the right crop in the right location. 
  • The pruning details are a great way to keep track of how a crop likes to be cut to encourage additional growth. 
  • The Days to Flower field will automatically calculate a flowering date, which will also be reflected on your Crop Plan. 
  • Each planting with a start method of rootstock can now track your rootstock source, variety, size, and age. 

 You can now also create custom reports for Grow Location treatments, which you can use to see the treatments applied at a field level rather than individiual plantings. Bonus: custom fields can be included here as well. 

Livestock Updates

You'll find new enhancements to the livestock birthing process this month. You can now add more animals at once, with the limit now extended to 20 to account for large litters of pigs. When recording the birth, if you supply a number of days to wean, the animals will also now be automatically set to a weaning status as well. 

Also, we've changed the Livestock Bill of Sale to make the standard text editable, giving you the ability to add any additional details for your specific sale needs. 

Moving Inventory and Updating Items

You can now more easily move inventory between different inventory items. If you're making a feed mix or separating a yield into different products, you can now move your existing inventory to a different item in a single action. Be aware that to do this the measurement unit must be the same, or convertable between items (e.g. ounces>pounds>tons). 

Accounting Updates

If you're searching through your transactions on the accounting dashboard, you can now use a filter to find transactions that are greater than, less than, or equal to a specific amount. This can help you more easily locate a transaction if you just know the  amount of the income or expense, but don't have other details to search by.

For accounting reports, we've also updated the Tax Summary Report to exclude any categories that do not have a tax line associated with them. They were previously listed under Other, but will now be removed entirely since they are not associated with taxes at all. 

Other Improvements 

Questions, comments, or ideas for additional updates? Reach out and let us know