QR Codes

Where can I find the QR codes in Farmbrite?

At the top right of the screen you will find a QR code that corresponds to the field or crop you are viewing. If you click on this QR Code, you’ll be taken to a screen to print it. QR codes or Quick Response Codes are a convenient way to quickly access this record in Farmbrite so that you can look up information or add notes. You can simply scan the QR code with your smart phone to be taken to the record in Farmbrite. We recommend printing the QR codes as stickers or tags to be used to quickly access your Farmbrite date from the field.

(Note: If you are using the Native mobile app Farmbrite does not require an Internet connection to access your information.)

Where do I get a QR scanner?

There are a variety of QR code scanners available depending on the type of smart phone you have. Please check the App Store for your phone to find an appropriate QR scanner. Some phones now allow QR code scanning directly from the native camera without an additional app. 

If you are using the Farmbrite Native Mobile app you can use that to scan the QR code.