My Crops

The "My Crops" tab is where all your plant types and details are stored. You can add many different types of plants here. Also housed here is the detailed information transferred by you from the seed packets or preloaded into Farmbrite.

Entering Information into the Plant Tab

You can add plants to this area in two ways:

Add plants one at a time:

You can add a new plant by clicking the green button at the top of the page that says 'New Plant Type'. 

Upload a list of plants:

You can also upload many plants at once by clicking the cloud button beside the  'New Plant Type' button. This will give you a template to download and instructions to import the CSV file.

Adding a new plant

You can create new plants by following the Wizard within Farmbrite. Add a plant variety and use the information preloaded within Farmbrite or create your own. (Not all plants are preloaded.) 

Move through the new crop type Wizard starting with Plant Type and Variety, Planting details, and then Save and new to enter another plant type or move on to adding Planting Details. 

Hint: The spacing that you add here on the plant will be used in the planting calculations for this plant. Also useful is to add Harvest window and estimate value per quantity.  

When creating or editing a plant’s details you can provide the following information.

  • Type: Select from a standard list of common agricultural crops. See the full list of support plant types below
  • The plant variety (if applicable)
  • An icon for the plant
  • The seed company you purchased seed from (if applicable)
  • Plant spacing (in inches)
  • Planting depth (in inches)
  • Planting method: Select from “Direct Sow”, “Transplant”, or “Other”
  • Indicate whether the plant is a perennial
  • The number of seeds per hole or mound
  • Days to emerge
  • Days to maturity: This is used to calculate the harvest date of any plants planted (based on the date planted)
  • Any additional information or description you want to record.

Planting information like spacing, depth, method, seed per hole, days to emerge, and days to maturity are almost always available on the seed packet.

Click “Save & Exit” to save your plant and return to the Master Plant List or click “Save & New” to create another plant.

Supported Plant Types

There are many plant types natively supported by Farmbrite that you will find available. If you do not see a plant type that supports your business, please contact us and we will add this to the feature request to add this for you. (This may takes some time.) Alternatively, you can add new plant types you need.

Non supported plant types 

Some plants are not preloaded into Farmbrite. You can add these by having the information from the seed packet or looking up the information about the species of plant. Then you can add this information to Farmbrite and save that plant. It will then show up for you every time you want to add it to a growing location.