Using Inventory for Treatments and Maintenance

Your Farmbrite inventory can track  much more than just the products available for sale in your Market. We know you'll use all kinds of things around your farm, with many of them being used in farm upkeep and day to day operations. That's why we've integrated the inventory system with your livestock and crop treatments, and well as your equipment maintenance. It takes inputs to keep your farm going, and you can easily track your remaining quantity to be sure the operation keeps running smoothly. 

We will take a look at three examples of this below; note that the overall concept and process for each one is similar. 

First, let's take a look at using inventory when adding treatments to your Crops. In our example below, we're adding fertilizer to our broccoli planting. Note the section for Subtract from Inventory where we chose the fertilizer from our inventory, and said we used half a gallon of it on our bed. That amount has now been subtracted from our inventory automatically, without having to manually add a record in the inventory section. For a full walkthrough of adding crop treatments, check out this article

The process for using inventory when applying a treatment to an animal is very similar. After clicking Add Treatment, you'll see the same Subtract From Inventory option as above. In our example below we are administering a vaccine to our cow, and subtracting one unit from our inventory. Note that you can do this from a livestock group as well though, and that you'll have the option to select whether the amount subtracted is per head, or applied as a total for the group. For a full walkthrough of adding livestock treatments, check out this article.

Beyond your plants and livestock, your farm equipment will need inventory used in maintenance as well. Maybe you are changing the oil in your farm truck and need to subtract a few quarts from your inventory. Or perhaps you are getting your chainsaw ready to tackle the overgrowth in Field B and want to record that you used one of your extra chains and a bit of bar lubricant. Whatever you're tracking and using, you'll use the same Subtract From Inventory option when creating a maintenance record. 

Where else do you use inventory? Reach out to us and let us know if you need this option in other sections of Farmbrite; we love hearing store is about how you run your business operation and how we can help improve it.