Getting Started with Grow Locations

Fields or grow locations in Farmbrite can be anywhere that you are growing plants and want to keep track of the productivity of that area. For example, a field can represent a traditional 40 acre field of row crops, or an orchard of trees or berries, or a market garden plot, or a raised bed, or a greenhouse.

You can add a new field by clicking on the green “Add Grow Location” button. You’ll be prompted to provide details about your field and Farmbrite will take you through a step by step Wizard to set up your grow location.

Finding your Field or Bed

You can easily search for any of your grow locations using the search bar located on the top right of the field list. The search bar will search for fields based on their Title (Name) or Status. Simply type in your search criteria and hit enter to search.

Please Note: Deleted records cannot be recovered.

Adding a Grow location

When creating a new grow location you will be prompted to move through a set up Wizard. Enter the important information about your growing area, What you want to name it, if it is a field, greenhouse, etc, the planting format, growing status and more.

Planting Format

The planting format will be different for different growing areas. For instance, plants that will be added to beds will want to be added to a planted in beds planting format and plants that are grown close together in a large area will want to be added to the cover crop or row crop type format. If you are growing trees, select Other.

Tip: Add your crops first and then add your grow locations for easy set up.