Livestock Measurements

Taking Livestock Measurements in Farmbrite

Farmbrite makes it easy to track the growth of your livestock. Whether you’re tracking for livestock show goals or tracking progress towards slaughter, you can keep track of the changes in an animal’s weight and height and see the changes charted over time. 

You can also track the progress of the animal's condition score and fecal egg count using this measurements tool. A famacha score is also available when working with sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. 

Entering your measurements

To record measurements, you first need to select an individual animal. Choose Livestock on the left navigation menu, and then select the animal  you'd like to record measurements for. 

Once you've chosen the animal, select the Measurements feature from the expanded left menu. 

To record a new measurement for this animal, simply click the green 'New Measurement' button. 

A new window will open. Enter the weight, height, condition score, and other measurements you’d like to log. Be sure to choose the correct date; you can always back date your entry if you didn't enter it the day you took the measurements.  Also, if you need additional fields to track more data than the standard fields, you can create custom fields to record unique measurement attributes as well. Once complete, choose Save Measurement. 

Your measurement records will be displayed in the lower half of the page. You can click on the pencil icon to the right of any previous measurement record to edit it. You can also use the Red X icon to delete it if it was entered by mistake - be careful though, that action is permanent. 

Importing Measurements

You also have the option to import multiple measurement records for the same animal at once. If you've been tracking these in a spreadsheet before using Farmbrite and want to get your measurement and growth history into the system, you can choose to Import Records from the actions menu on the animal's measurements tab. This works the same as other Farmbrite imports, so check out this article for a walkthrough of how you can accomplish this.

Note that you'll need the animal's Farmbrite ID to associate it with the measurement data. You can get that from the URL of animal's record, or download your existing animals into a CSV from Farmbrite to get them in a spreadsheet. Check out this article for more info

Once you’ve recorded a series of measurements you’ll see them charted and listed to easily see the changes to you animal over time. Our bison in the example below is really putting on weight! 

Average Daily Gain

In the measurements list you will also find the gain (or loss) of animal’s weight between measurements, which can help you adjust feeding, grazing, or other regiments. This is shown in the ADG (Average Daily Gain) column. 

If you have a lot of measurements, you may need to page through the list to find the one you're looking for. Use the paging buttons at the bottom right of the grid to move between pages of measurements.

Once you've completed adding measurements for this animal, use the dropdown menu or arrow selections in the upper right to move on to the next animal and input their measurements. 

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