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How do I send an invoice?

Sending Invoices

You can send invoices to your customers through the "Market" tab. You can also send this same information as a receipt. Here are instructions on how to send this to your customers.

(Note: You will need to have set up your credit card payments and Quick pay with Stripe and turned on in your account before you send this email.)

Send the Invoice/Receipt:

Go to the Market tab

Click on Orders

Click on the order that you would like to send. 

(You can also create a new order at this time and send. You will need to have created a customer to send the invoice or receipt.)

Click on "Email Receipt/Invoice" depending on if the order has been paid or it is waiting to be paid. This will be at the top right hand side of the page. 

In the case of a payment needs to be made, an invoice will be sent to the customer with a QR code to your quick pay option. They simply scan the QR code and pay with their credit card. You will get a notification of payment. You can also add a note to thank them here as well.

Other ways to receive payment

There are many ways to for your customer to pay you 

Cash or check: 

If you want to be paid by check or cash you can also print out the invoice and send to the customer in the mail. Alternatively you can also send them a screenshot of the invoice and have them print it and send in payment to you. Or if you are delivering items you can take payment at that time.

Quick pay:

If they are doing a quick pick up from your farm stand you can print out the QR code for your shop. They can scan this with their phone and pay that way.

For more information on how to set up your Market or set up payment options click here.