Sending Invoices and Receipts

You'll have a few choices when it comes to providing documentation to your customers for their orders. You can email an invoice for orders that still have a balance due, or send a receipt if it's paid in full. Both options are available to print as well, but if you have the customers email address we suggest saving the paper and sending them electronically. Both options are also accomplished in the same way, but the button and title chances based on the amount due. 

To start, browse your Orders page and find the one you want to work with. Click it, and you'll see two buttons in the upper right. 

Email Invoice/ Email Receipt - The button will read Email Invoice if the payment status is currently due. It will show Email Receipt if the payment status is paid. Click it to start an email; the customer's email address is automatically added, and you'll have an opportunity to include a message. After sending the invoice, a note will be added to your customers record with the date the invoice was sent and the custom message you wrote. 

If you are sending an invoice and want you customers to pay online, be sure you set up your Stripe credit card processing first, and your Quick Pay option. The invoice will include a QR Code to scan and pay the amount due. 

Print - If you'd prefer to print an invoice to provide during delivery or send with their shipment, click the printer button to generate a printed copy.