Whats New - June 2024

Our changes this month are focused on efficiency, communication, and customization. First, you can now enable push notifications for task assignments on the Farmbrite mobile app to help make sure that no work is overlooked. Next, you can now integrate a bluetooth electronic ID scanner to more easily find and work with your animal, plant, equipment, inventory, and product records in the software. You'll also see new enhancements to the Crop Plan, more improvements to notes and tasks, and more streamlined data between your market orders and accounting income transactions.

Mobile App Push Notifications

You know that staying up to date with important tasks is critical for your business operations, especially when they are your responsibility. Of course you could check your task list in the Farmbrite mobile app, but you can now also allow mobile app push notifications to be sure nothing gets missed and you're up to date with what's assigned to you. You'll get a notification as soon as a new task is assigned to you, and you can tap it on your phone to go directly to the Farmbrite app. These new notifications apply to both tasks and checklist items, and can also be sent to multiple devices if you want them on your phone, tablet, and computer. 

Electronic ID Scanning

Do you use RFID chips or barcodes to tag and label your animals, plants, and items around your farm?  With Farmbrite's RFID and barcode scanning integration, you can more efficiently and accurately record data from your farm. You can now add an electronic ID number to your records and use a bluetooth scanner to bring them up directly in the software. You'll scan the tag or barcode with your reader, and Farmbrite will find the record so you can write notes, record treatments, add a harvests, subtract from inventory, and so much more! You can even use this offline to automatically associate the records with your Quick Add actions. Protip: You don't need an expensive reader for this, you can find affordable tags, barcodes and readers online that will work for this purpose! 

Crop Plan Enhancements

The Crop Plan helps you plan for the year to see what you're planting and where it's located. We've made some improvements to it based on user requests for additional functionality. You can now generate the crop plan for a custom date range, allowing you to span calendar years and seasons to get a broader (or more detailed) view of your crop operations. The left hand column showing the crop type is now docked, meaning you can scroll horizontally on the grid and still easily see what plant you're working with. Your perennials are also now handled better, repeating harvests over multiple years. Finally. you can now sort the crop plan by any of the columns to see your crops organized by type, location, and planting date. 

Other Updates

Along with these changes, we've also made some smaller improvements to existing features. 

  • You can now write notes on inventory items. This is the same familiar feature you are used to from other Farmbrite records like Equipment, Livestock, and Plantings, expanded to provide a way to jot down quick information about your inventory items. 

  • If you change an animals status to sold, butchered, deceased, or culled, you'll now have the option to delete any incomplete tasks associated with it.  Additionally, if you delete an animal, plant, or equipment record, any incomplete tasks associated with it will now be automatically deleted as well. Both of these new features prevent confusion for no longer needed tasks for records that no longer exist. 

  • When you supply a PO number from your customer in an online market order, the PO number is now automatically added to the corresponding income transaction in the accounting section. 

Have questions about any of these? Reach out and let us know