Unassigned Tasks

Some tasks need to be assigned to certain people around your farm. Maybe Robert is an excellent diesel mechanic and always gets assigned the tractor maintenance, while David is a horticulture expert who should get the seedling care tasks in the greenhouse. Beyond those specialized tasks though, there are likely chores that anyone can accomplish; it doesn't matter who does them, it matters more that they get done. To account for these type of tasks, Farmbrite gives you the ability to create a list of unassigned tasks and then easily have your farmhands pick from them. 

Admin users have the choice to leave a task as unassigned when it creating it by leaving the Assigned To field blank. 

When a user with a Farmhand role logs in, they can choose to see Unassigned Tasks. They can then pick from the list, and assign the task to themselves. 

It's that easy! You can create these in advance, and the next time one of your farmhands is looking for something to do, you can point them right here to the unassigned list and have them find their next task. Here's an additional tip: use the Priority level to tag  the most important ones so you don't have farmhands taking all the easy ones first!

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