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Quick Pay

Quick Pay through Stripe 

You will find the quick pay option through the Farmbrite market gives you the ability to provide an easy payment option for your customers. 

Your customers will have the ability to pay on-the-go for goods and services that the have found at your roadside farm stand, at your pop-up farm stand or at events you're attending. The customer simply scans your store QR code and enters an amount to pay, their credit card information and clicks pay. The money is sent to you through your Stripe account. 

Go to your Market tab in Farmbrite. 

Click on the Accept credit cards 

Click the Enable Quick Pay button 

Also make sure that you have turned on your online shop and that you have a Stripe account set up.

Click on the QR code and print this out. (You can have this laminated or use packing tape to cover the paper to protect it from getting wet.) Keep this handy at your booth for customers to scan with their phones.

Once a customer has scanned the QR code, it will ask them if they want to open farmbrite. Once they say yes, a form will open that will ask them how much they want to pay.

It will pop up with something similar to this with your fame name on it on their phone. They simply enter the amount, and the card credentials they want to pay with and press enter. 

The funds then go to your Stripe account that you have previously set up. This can be done on any device.