Photos & Images

Farmbrite makes it easy to upload images and store them with your animals, equipment and crops. Simple click “Upload Image” and select an image from you computer. We will automatically convert the image into a thumbnail for you. The first image you upload will be used as the main thumbnail on both the list or records as well as in the top left navigation.

Your images will be displayed in a gallery for easy access. Click on the thumbnail to open it and click on the “Remove” to delete it from Farmbrite.

Photos and videos and be stored at your account level under the Account menu > Photos. They can also be attached to all types of records in Farmbrite.  Including:

  • Livestock
  • Plantings
  • Equipment
  • Crop Types / Plants
  • Grow Locations
  • Products
  • Notes

Supported Image Types

Farmbrite allows you to upload the following image types


(If there are additional image types you’d like to upload, please contact us.)


Depending on your plan there are limits to the amount of images you can upload. For the PRO version the limit is up to 10 mb and up to 20 files.  


Here are some things to ask if you're having trouble uploading a file.

-How big is your file? Is it under the limit?

-Did you save the file format as one of the options above or did you just change the extension?

-What browser are you using?

-Is the file corrupt?