Getting Started with your Online Store

Your Farmbrite Online Store is an online storefront hosted by Farmbrite that let's you sell your farm products. It can be used by your customers to order items from the internet, or also used by your and your staff to sell items at events like a farmers market. With integrated online credit card processing through Stripe, it's easier than ever to serve your customers and expand your brand. 

Before you set up your Online Store, you'll need to create products to sell. If you haven't done this yet, check out this section of our Help Center for a full walkthrough

Each section below contains links to more detailed help articles outlining each feature. We suggest you read this whole article first to get the big picture, and then dive into each section when setting up each feature.

Online Store Settings

To start setting up your Online Store, navigate to Market on the left, and choose Online Store. There are three tabs here - Settings, About Your Farm, and Look & Feel. For a full walkthrough on all of these options, check out our article for Online Store Settings

You will have many options for customization including logos, banners, information about your business, payment methods accepted, and more. You can use the custom shop link provided with your Farmbrite account, or use your own URL and embed the Farmbrite store on your existing website using an iFrame. 

Connecting Payment Processing

To take online payments you will need to set up your shop with Stripe, Farmbrite's payment processor. You can also decide to only accept cash or check. We also have the option to set up the Quick Pay options through Stripe. 

Setting up Pickup Locations

You can configure Farmbrite to offer your customers the option to pick up their order. This requires you to set up pickup locations so they'll know where to go, and what hours they can arrive, 

Using QR Codes

Farmbrite can generate QR codes for you to use to direct customers to your store, a specific product, or to Quick Pay to make  an online payment. Print these out and simplify your customer experience by letting customer's scan these with their mobile devices to browse, buy, and pay. 

Using Farmbrite as a Point of Sale System

Your Farmbrite Online Store can also serve as a point of sale system for you to use at events like a farmers market or pop up shop. You can open the Online Store on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and process orders and payments for your customers. All you need is internet connectivity and a mobile device!