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Getting Started with your Online Shop

Your e Commerce Site on Farmbrite

Setting up your online eCommerce site through Farmbrite will give your customers very quick access to your products and events that you have posted on your Market. The market gives you the ability to post your products online so people could find them or your can direct your customers to this site directly. You can also give information about your farm, tell them about pick up times and addresses, gives them the ability to pay online for your products, and see your current and past orders. You can set this up in the Online store tab. 

Setting up your online shop:

To set up your online shop go to your Market tab. 

Go to the Online Store tab

Here you will see your custom shop link. This is where you will find all the information about setting up your shop online. There are 4 tabs that you can add different information in. This will show up on the 4 pages of your online shop once you've turned the shop to "On". Which you can do at the top of the settings page.

Settings page

The setting page has information about turning on and off your shop and payment, if you take deliveries, and charge a fee as well as information on setting up your Stripe account.

(Note: You will need to have a Stripe account to take payments online. Stripe is the payment processor and is who your customer will pay and then will in turn pay you.)

Home page

This tab lets you add information about your farm. This is the area of a website that you tell your story, give information about your growing processes and philosophy. You can be as detailed as you like here. Then you can follow the link to your unique Farmbrite site to see how it looks and make changes as needed.

Gallery page

The gallery is where you can add images from your farm or of your products.

Look & Feel page

This is where you can add your logo, and header background image. The recommended size for your your logo is 200 x 50px and Header background is 1200 x 300px.

Setting up Products

Add products to your products page to start selling online. You can add products, CSA or memberships and events. Add a product name, price how many you have and add all the information specific to this item. If you have your shop set to "on" and the status of this item to show online, then these items will show in your online store. 

Setting up your Stripe account and taking payments

On the online store tab you will see some options for Enabling quick pay, accepting credit cards, cash and check. At this time Farmbrite uses Stripe to take payments. You can set up an account with them here. They will take payment from your customers and then pay you so you need to have your information set up correctly so that you can receive payment correctly. Once you have set up an account with them you can link it to Farmbrite.

Embedding your e Commerce site

You may already have a website with a unique URL set up for your farm.  If you want to use the ecommerce portion of Farmbrite on your site you can do that by embedding the code on your site. 

Go to the "Sell Products Online" portion of the site and click the button to Show products and allow customers to purchase online. 

You will also find code to embed your ecommerce site on your own website. If you have hosting and your own website set up you can click the link below the Customer URL to find the code to embed your site. You can do this yourself if you know how or have someone in your technical staff help you do this. If you need additional help we also offer professional services and can possibly assist you with this. Please contact our customer success team for a quote.

Hint: You can also change the URL of your unique Farmbrite site by changing the text in the text box beside the URL.


This is where your orders will come in when customers place them online. You will receive an email notification and then can go in to your orders area to see what needs to be done and who made the order. You can also create orders and send invoices and receipts to your customers if needed. 

Hint: You can also use the orders section to hold products for your customers or remind yourself that you have an order to fill for that customer. You can print the order and give it to them at delivery for payment as well. There are many ways to use the orders area.