Using Your Crop Plan

Outlining and following a plan for your crops is critical to your farm's success - you need to know when to start your seeds, when to transplant your seedlings, and when your mature plants will be ready to harvest. Having all of that information in an easy-to-read chart is helpful, and will keep you on track - especially when planting successive crops in the same location immediately after a harvest. Gone are the days of your marked up and scratched out calendar in your greenhouse conflicting with the notes you left for your farmhands - you'll now have a single source of truth that is easily accessible, sharable, and printable. 

Farmbrite will preload plant data like days to emerge and days to maturity when you add your crop types - or you can alternatively add and update that information from your seed package details yourself. 

When you add your planting to a grow location, Farmbrite will use the supplied plant details to estimate how long it will grow and your optimal harvest date. Watch the video below for an example of how Farmbrite will adjust this based on your starting date. No more counting out weeks on that old calendar! 

Once your crops are planted, you'll see your Crop Plan in multiple places. 

  • You can view your entire farm's Crop Plan by choosing Crop Plan from the Crops section of your left navigation menu. 
  • You can get more granular and see an individual grow location's Crop Plan by choosing Crop Plan from within that location's menu. 

Each planting is shown on your Crop Plan, with a monthly calendar shown in the columns to the right. The planting is charted from start to harvest in the calendar, shown in three different colors. Yellow denotes your seed is started, green is for planted, and blue shows your harvest time! If your crops are directly sown, you won't see the yellow dates though, as they'll be planted immediately - notice the difference in our Jalapeno plantings in the example below. We started our first seedlings indoors in April before planting them in Bed 05 a few weeks later, but will directly sow our second planting in Bed 01 when it's warmer in the summer. 

The key dates within the months are also shown, so you will know exactly when to start and plant to hit the estimated harvest date. The crop Plan will also show you the number planted in that location so you can be sure to have your seeds/seedlings ready to plant! If you'd like, you can print this out as well using the print icon at the top. 

Reach out to us if you have any additional questions about your Crop Plan - We are glad to help!