Livestock Yield Report

Farmbrite’s Yield Report makes it easy to look across your whole flock or herd and measure total production. This report is similar to the individual animal Yield Report, but shows you data across all animals of a certain type.

Using the Yield Report

Select the “Yield Report” tab from the main Livestock. You will be presented a drop down menu of all the different animal types you’ve created. Select the animal type form the “Animal Type” menu (eg; Chicken) and then select the start and end date range you’d like to report on (you’re limited to 10 years in the past) and then click “Update”.

You’ll see a chart showing you the harvest (production) output that you’ve record for all of the selected animal type. The chart is grouped by month and shows you the total yield entered for all of the animals of the select type. The chart will automatically group based on any grade / size information (For example: Fancy, AA, AAA, etc.).