How Do I Move Inventory to a Different Storage Location?

You might need to move some of your inventory from time to time - maybe you're doing some reorganizing of your storage area and found a better way to organize your goods, or perhaps you've built a new building and need to move some inventory there to take advantage of your new space. You'll easily be able to accomplish the inventory transfer in Farmbrite with just a few clicks. 

First, find the inventory item you want to move by navigating to Resources, selecting Inventory, and clicking on the item you'd like to move. 

You'll see all of the locations where this item is currently stored. Find the storage location that you want to transfer from, and click the Move Inventory button on the right. 

Provide the quantity you'd like to move, and where to move it to. This may be a simple change of bin, or a move to a completely different warehouse. In our example below, we are consolidating our two egg storage bins into one. 

See that our storage bin Section B1 now contains 41 dozen eggs. Also note that Section B2 is still retained, even though there is currently no inventory in it. This allows you to view it's history and see the inventory added and transferred in the past. Click the View History button on the right to check it out. 

Let us know if you have any additional questions about moving your inventory!