How do I plan a new field or bed?

Planning your fields 

Each season is a little different and you will want to plan this out in advance. Planning your season is easy through Farmbrite. 

First you will want to create some plants. Do this by going to your Plants tab and entering the information from the seed packets. The more information you enter the more data Farmbrite will help you calculate. 

Then you will want to create a New Field or Greenhouse. By selecting the Bed layout you will have access to much more data. Such as, bed length, row width, light profile, etc. Once you have this information in more tabs will open up and you can enter your plants into the rows.

If you have entered information into the plant data fields then it will help you calculate the amount of plants you can enter in the space you have, the expected harvest date, market value of the plants and how much you have harvested.

Here is a more in depth article on entering your plants.