What's New - February 2024

You can now access an audit log report in Farmbrite to see the changes made, who made them, and when. Have you ever looked at a record in Farmbrite and wondered who made the last changes to it? Perhaps you spotted a mistake, or maybe you saw an efficient improvement and want to know which one of your farmhands had such a great idea. 

We've also made some enhancements and updates to other areas of the software. 

You'll immediately notice new icons in the upper right navigation menu.  You'll see that the Quick Add menu is now represented by a green plus button, and your system Settings are now a gear icon. These work in the same way you are familiar with, but now more closely align with the action buttons used in the Farmbrite Mobile Experience. So if you sometimes use Farmbrite on your phone out in the field, but also sit down at an office computer once in a while, you'll now see the same icons in both places. 

Tasks have been updated in three ways to save you time and be more intuitive. 

  • Tasks with due dates will now display at the end of the day they are due on your Farmbrite Schedule. In the past they were shown at the end of the day before they were due, but we've redesigned this to give you the whole day to complete the task before it becomes overdue. 
  • Your crop types now have a default option to automatically create tasks when planting the crop. If you've ever forgotten to check the box to add tasks for a planting, you can now set your crop type to create the tasks by default. This make it easier to remember to start you seeds, get the plants in the ground, and harvest them at just the right time. 
  • These automatically generated tasks will now also link to the specific planting record they are connected to. They had previously linked you to the grow location, but now they'll take you directly to the planting itself. This saves you time and confusion as you'll now have a direct link to the planting without having to search for it in the field. 

The inventory system will now show you additional data when you scheduled future livestock feedings. You will now see a current amount as well as an available amount. The current amount shows what is currently in the warehouse without accounting for scheduled feedings, while the available amount reflects the total projected after taking the repeat future feedings into account. 

We've added additional fields to the available options on Crop Custom Reports that help you track your seedlings and sprouts. You can now add Seed Start Date, Seeds Per Hole/Cell, Tray Size/Cells Per Tray, Expected Starts Per Tray, Number of Trays, and Tray Numbers. Speaking of seed start date, we've also streamlined Direct Sow crop plantings to remove this field when creating a planting.

Embryo transfer breeding records will no longer associate the dam with the offspring's genealogy. Since the surrogate mother does not share any genetics with the new birth, the dam field will no longer be populated with the dam record. 

We've improved all date fields in Farmbrite to provide a better experience when select a year. If you'd ever typed a year and run into issues, we've revisited the date picker and updated it to better handle a typed input. You still might use the calendar picker, but if you prefer to type the year, you'll find it more user friendly now.