Automatic Planting Tasks

You might find it helpful to have tasks created for your seeds, starts, and harvests if you have a lot of different crops and grow locations. If you've ever missed starting your seeds, getting your plants in the ground, or harvesting at just the right time, Farmbrite can automatically create tasks for those dates when you plant the crop. 

You can configure this option on the crop type itself. You'll be able to set this as a default when creating a new type, or editing an existing one. On the crop details screen, you'll find a checkbox to automatically create tasks for new plantings. Check that then save and Farmbrite will add tasks to your schedule for the planting. 

If you don't need the tasks for every planting of that crop type, you'll still be able to create them without that box checked. Every unique planting will give you the option to create the tasks when you add the planting, you'll just need to check the box shown below.