Crop Harvest Report

Under the crops section of Farmbrite you will find the Harvest Report. Click on the tab “Harvest Report” to access this feature. The Harvest Report provides you with a quick and easy way to view the yields for your various crops. The Harvest Report spans all of your fields and allows you to look at the total production output (harvest) of any of your global plant types.

To view the report, simply select one of the global plants you created on the Master Plant List from the “Crop” drop down menu. Then select the date range From and To and click the “Update” button. If you’ve recorded any harvests under a crop’s harvest section you will see a bar chart showing you harvest by each month. This chart will automatically group based on any grade / size information that you recorded with your harvests.

Below the chart you will see a summary total amount harvested for the date range you entered.