How do I cancel my account?

We understand that sometimes thing happen, and circumstances might come up that that force you to reorganize or replan your business operation. We hope to help you with that, but if you need to reconsider your Farmbrite subscription, you'll have multiple choices directly from your account. 

To access them, navigate to the Account menu and then choose Billing. From there, click the Delete Account button, and you'll see a pop up with a few choices. 

Five options are presented for you. 

1. Get some custom training! We'd be happy to talk about your needs and show you how Farmbrite can help. Clicking this link let's you book some time with us directly. We really encourage you to do this before you go!

2. Submit a help ticket if you need specific help for certain questions. 

3. Pause your subscription.  If you just need some time to figure a few things out, feel free to request to pause your subscription instead of cancelling.

4. Check out our Help Center! Well, you're already here reading this, but yeah, there's lots of other good info here too!  

5. Review your Plan Options to see if there is a different subscription level that better fits your business needs. 

We hope you choose one of these and click "Nevermind", but we understand if you want to continue the cancellation by clicking Delete Account. If you choose the route, know you can always reach out to us with any other questions in the future. 

You can learn more about your data privacy and our data retention policies from our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you'd like to request that we fully delete your data please contact us.