Animal Yield

Keep track of the out put of your animals is an important part of managing your investment. Farmbrite Livestock Yield tracking makes it easy to record how much is produced when and track it over time. Simply record a new harvest by clicking “New Record”. You will be prompted to provide the following information:

  • The quantity (amount) that was produced
  • The unit of measure for tracking harvests (This will be the base unit for all harvests for this type)
  • The label to use for the harvests (For example if you want the reports to say 200 eggs harvested, enter “eggs” in this field)
  • Your estimated revenue for each unit harvested
  • The date harvested
  • Grade / size information (For example: Fancy, AA, AAA, etc.)
  • Any notes about this particular harvest

If you need to track more information beyond these standard fields for your harvest, you cancreate custom fields as well. Note that custom fields are available on Farmbrite's Plus and Premium subscriptions. 

Harvest Units of Measure

The following are the standard units of measure used in Farmbrite for tracking harvests:

  • quantity
  • barrels
  • bushels
  • dozen
  • gallons
  • grams
  • kilograms
  • liters
  • ounces
  • pints
  • pounds
  • quarts
  • tonne
  • tons
  • head

Yield Reporting

Once you’ve logged your harvests you can see track your yields with the yield chart at the top of the page. This chart will automatically group based on any grade / size information and can be plotted by Day, Month, or Year.

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