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Online Store

The “Online Store” tab of “Your Shop” lets you manage the basic configuration of your online shop.

  • Enabling your public shop page: Turn this setting to on to enable this feature
  • Your Custom Shop URL: Where people can find your website. Example:
  • Online Shop Status: Select Open if you'd like people to be able to browse your shop, or Closed if your shop is currently inactive. You might close it in the off season if you run out of inventory. a friendly message can be displayed lettings guests know to check back later.
  • Show contact information: Do you want people to be able to contact you via your online store?
  • Sell your Products Online: This enables the online e-commerce feature of your shop (see more information below)
  • About your Business: This is the main description of your farm or front page information for your web page. This will show up on the main page of your Farmbrite online shop. Use the formatting tools to customize the look and feel of this test.
  • Your Logo: Have a logo for your farm? Great, upload it here.
  • Header Background Image: Pick from one of our pre-designed backgrounds to add some personality to your site. This image will show up at the top of your online pages, above the main navigation and behind your logo.

Selling your Products Online

When you decide to sell your products online you’re enabling an online ecommerce system for your farm. Farmbrite will let you easily manage your products and available inventory and allow your customers to purchase those products. In order to process payments online you’ll need to setup a merchant account (with Stripe Pay) and allow Farmbrite to use that merchant account.

Farmbrite will use the currency for your account for all shop listings and payments

Learn more about processing payments