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How do I process payments online?

When you decide to sell your products online you’re enabling an online ecommerce system for your farm. Farmbrite will let you easily manage your products and available inventory and allow your customers to purchase those products. In order to process payments online you’ll need to setup a merchant account (with Stripe Pay) and allow Farmbrite to use that merchant account as well as agree to the Farmbrite terms and conditions.

Connect your Stripe account to allow the purchase of products or memberships. Charges will be made through and deposited into your Stripe account. You will receive an email notification from farmbrite when sales occur and be able to manage your orders and customers here.

You’ll see instructions for how to configure this when you enable Selling your Products Online.

Note In addition to the fees Stripe collects, a processing fee of $0.15 will be charged by farmbrite for each successful transaction.

For any refunds associated with returns or cancellations will need to manually handle these transactions in your Stripe account.