Livestock Reproduction Report

Farmbrite’s Reproduction Report is an easy way to see how well your animals are reproducing. You can easily spot increase and decrease trends for female animal offspring production, letting you know which animals are most successful at producing offspring and which animals you may want to retire from breeding.

Using the Reproduction Report

Click on the “Reproduction Report” tab from the main “Livestock” page. Assuming you have female animals that have reproduced you’ll be able to select the animal type and date range to generate the report for.

Select the animal type (eg; Cow) from the “Animal Type” drop down menu and then select the start and end years you’d like to look at (you’re limited to 10 years in the past) and then click “Update”.

You’ll see a grid showing you all the female animals that have had offspring and year and count of offspring they produced. Higher offspring numbers will be highlighted in green making it easy to pick out your most productive breeders.

You can also print the Reproduction Report by click on the “Print Reproduction Report” button in the top right.

Finding an animal’s offspring

One of the easiest ways to see an animals offspring is from the ‘Reproduction Report’ is to click on the number of offspring for that animal to see a filtered list of that animal’s offspring born that year.

(This feature is only available on certain plan types.) For more information click here.  

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