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Adding a Plant Type that is not on the list?

Occasionally you will want to add a plant that is not on the list. Don't worry, you can still add the plant. 

Go to the "Crops" tab

Click on the field and/or bed where you are entering a plant.

Click on "Add Crop" or the pen icon to edit a previously entered crop.

Click on "New Crop Type"

-If you type in "Other" in "Crop Type" a secondary option will come up. Type in Tree, Herb, Grass or whatever type of plant you are entering.

Type in a "Type" such as; Herb or Other or one from the drop down list

Add a variety such as: Yarrow, Basil or Echinacea 

Add other details and save.

Add your new crop in the new crop tab select the crop type that you just created from the drop down and add all the information you that you need.


To Edit a crop that you have already entered:

Click on the field or bed

Click on the pen icon

 To edit the planting details of the crop click on "Edit" in the top right side. 

(You may need to refresh your screen to see changes.)