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Getting Started with Crops
How do I get started using the Crops system in Farmbrite?
My Crops
How do you enter a plant detail in Farmbrite?
Planning your Season
Plan and outline your farm season for your crops in Farmbrite.
Create your planting work flow
Learn about crops plans and planning your farm season in Farmbrite.
How Do I Create a New Crop Type?
Create crop types in Farmbrite to track the new additions to your farm operation.
Estimate Seed Order
How do you Estimate your seed order in Farmbrite?
Adding a Planting
Learn how to create plantings to track crop growth and progress in Farmbrite.
Using Your Crop Plan
Make a plan and stick to it - sprouting, planting, and harvesting your crops in Farmbrite.
Entering Nutrients or Soil Samples
How do you enter nutrients and soil sample in Farmbrite?
How do I keep track of water added to a crop, bed or plant?
How do I keep track of water added to a crop, bed or plant?
Images and Files of your Crops
Store images and photos of your crops to track growth, yield, and plant problems in Farmbrite.
Harvesting Crops
How do you enter crop harvests and track yield in Farmbrite?
Tracking Plant Growth Stages
Track your plants from seed germination to ripening and all stages in between.