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Your Master Plant List
How do you create plants in Farmbrite?
My Crops
How do you enter a plant detail in Farmbrite?
Fields or Grow locations
How do you enter information in your fields in Farmbrite?
Crops Overview
How do I use the Crops and Fields tab in Farmbrite?
How do I enter crops in Farmbrite?
Entering your Crops into Farmbrite Under your field tab you will find lots of places to enter your crop information and specific information about your beds and fields. The more information you enter here the more Farmbrite will be able to calculat...
Estimate Seed Order
How do you Estimate your seed order in Farmbrite?
Harvest Report
How do you use the Harvest Report in Farmrbite?
How Do I Create a New Crop Type?
How Do I Create a New Crop Type? Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Creating a crop type is the first step in the process of tracking your farm's crops in Farmbrite. You'll supply the crop type's details once, and Farmbrite...
How do I enter crop notes into Farmbrite?
Keeping detailed logs is critical, and the Farmbrite notes feature provides an easy way to record all sorts of information about your crop. Simply click on “New Note” and enter: Your note details The date to record the note (defaults ...
How do I plan a new grow location, field or bed?
Planning your fields  Each season is a little different and you will want to plan this out in advance. Planning your season is easy through Farmbrite.  First you will want to create some plants. Do this by going to your Crops tab and sel...
Crop Harvests
How do you enter crop harvests in Farmbrite?
Download crops
How do you Download crops in Farmbrite?
How do you move animals into a field in Farmbrite?
Entering nutrients
How do you enter nutrients in Farmbrite?
QR Codes
How to enter QR Codes in Farmbrite?
Crop Images
Farmbrite makes it easy to upload images and store them with your animals, equipment and crops. Simple click “Upload Image” and select an image from you computer. We will automatically convert the image into a thumbnail for you. The firs...
Adding a Plant Type that is not on the list?
Occasionally you will want to add a plant that is not on the list. Don't worry, you can still add the plant.  Go to the "Crops" tab Click on the field and/or bed where you are entering a plant. Click on "Add Crop" or ...
Create your planting work flow
We thought that we might walk you through the thought process of our workflow for Farmbrite. Of course there are always ways to do this differently but this is how we use Farmbrite on our own farm and the logic behind the Farmbrite planting work flo...
How do I keep track of water added to a crop, bed or plant?
How do I keep track of water added to a crop, bed or plant?