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Updated Articles

  1. Getting Started With Livestock

    Learn about getting started with the Livestock section of your Farmbrite account.
  2. Plan your Plantings with our Yield Calculator

    Find out how to use Farmbrite to estimate how many plants you need to start or grow for your CSA or wholesale customers.
  3. Breeding Reporting

    If you've read some of our guides for creating breeding records , performing pregnancy checks , and adding new animals , you might wonder how you can run reports and see this data as a summary. There a few different ways to get what you'r...
  4. Referral Program

    Learn more about how to refer and earn with Farmbrite.
  5. Recording a Birth

    Record animal births in your Farmbrite system to track offspring, genealogy, and animal birth details.
  6. Adding Pregnancy Checks

    Keep up to date records of livestock pregnancy checks with Farmbrite.
  7. Tracking Livestock Breeding

    Keep track of your livestock breeding records in Farmbrite.
  8. How Do I Create a New Crop Type?

    Create crop types in Farmbrite to track the new additions to your farm operation.
  9. Accessing Farmbrite on a Mobile Device

    Learn about accessing Farmbrite on a mobile device like an Android or iPhone.
  10. Developers & API