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Livestock Groups

Check out this section if you're looking for information on using Livestock groups.

Livestock Breeding

Learn about creating Breeding Records, performing Pregnancy Checks, birthing new animals, and Breeding reports.


Getting Started with Livestock
Learn about getting started with the Livestock section of your Farmbrite account.
Livestock Dashboard
Find critical herd information on your Farmbrite Livestock Dashboard - Grazing, births, charts, and more.
How do I create a new animal?
Track births and genealogy when creating new animal records in Farmbrite - Farm and Ranch management software.
How do I add or update animals via import?
Need help with adding animals to your Farmbrite account? Learn how to import them from a spreadsheet.
Bulk Adding Animals
Save time by adding multiple animals at once in your Farmbrite account.
Animal Details
Get help with keeping track of your animals details - sex, age, genealogy, identification, and more.
Changing status of livestock
Keep track of your livestock with unique statuses and tracking abilities in your Farmbrite ranch management software.
Adding Weaning Dates
Track when your animals are targeted to stop weaning and transition to feed in Farmbrite.
Feeding Livestock from Inventory
Feeding your livestock right from your inventory with Farmbrite
Adding a Livestock Treatment
Learn how to keep accurate records of livestock vaccines and medical procedures in Farmbrite.
Tracking Withdrawal Dates
Keep track of withdrawal dates for your livestock after administering medical treatments - stay compliant and safe with Farmbrite's Livestock software.
Livestock Measurements
Record livestock measurements and track them in easy to read graphs and charts with Farmbrite's ranch operation software.
Average Daily Gain
Learn how to see the average amount of weight gained over time for you livestock.
Genealogy and Pedigree
Trace animal geology and lineage from dams and sires to offspring with Farmbrite's livestock management software,
How do I add offspring to a parent?
Learn how to track genealogy by adding offspring to a parent animal in Farmbrite's livestock tracking solution.
Animal Photos
Keep photos of livestock easily accessible in Farmbrite to track growth, size, and genealogy traits.
Keeping Animal Files
Learn more about how to store documents and important files for your livestock and farm animals.
Animal Yield
Need help with tracking the yield from your livestock? Check out Farmbrite's livestock management software for easier record keeping and yield tracking.
How do I see the Yield Rate of my Livestock?
Find and track your yield rate for livestock in Farmbrite - egg and milk production tracking on your farm!
Grazing livestock and regenerative practices
Need help with grazing livestock and regenerative field practices? Check out Farmbrite's crop and livestock management software for an easy solution.
Selling Livestock and Generating a Bill of Sale
Learn how to generate a bill of sale when selling livestock in your Farmbrite account.
Electronic ID Tags
Use electronic identification numbers like RFID tags and barcodes to easily work with your animals in Farmbrite.
Creating Custom Livestock Reports
Customize your Farmbrite reports to include the data that is important to your farm and ranch operations.
Active Animal Count
Learn more about how your Active Animal Count is determined for your Farmbrite subscription.
Livestock Accounting
Learn how to keep track of income, profit, and expenses for your livestock with Farmbrite's ranch operations management solution.
Body Condition Score
Here are our recommendations for body condition scoring in cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.
Printing Animal History
Print a comprehensive history profile of animal care and genealogy from Farmbrite.