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  1. Billing information

    On the billing page in Farmbrite you will find: A summary of your plan type with an option to change plans Information about your next payment and credit card information A history of your previous payments Canceling your account Changing Pla...
  2. Tasks

    Keeping Track of Your Tasks in Farmbrite Farmbrite's Tasks feature is an easy way to manage all the work that needs to be done around your farm and business. A task is basically a "to-do" - similar to a calendar event , except that ...
  3. Contacts Overview

    How do you enter contacts into Farmbrite?
  4. Your Master Plant List

    How do you create plants in Farmbrite?
  5. Fields or Grow locations

    How do you enter information in your fields in Farmbrite?
  6. Your Shop Overview

    The Shop module lets you turn farmbrite into a custom online store for your agriculture business or simply have a basic website for your farm. Note: This feature is currently in beta please contact us with any questions. Here are a few examples...
  7. What accounting reports are available in Farmbrite?

    At the top of the main Accounting page you will see two charts (these will only be visible once you’ve record transactions) Chart of Income vs Expenses This bar chart shows you the comparison of income vs expenses for each month for the year...
  8. How do I find orders that are associated with contacts?

    How can you find an Order Associated With a Contact in Farmbrite?
  9. How do I process payments online?

    When you decide to sell your products online you’re enabling an online ecommerce system for your farm. Farmbrite will let you easily manage your products and available inventory and allow your customers to purchase those products. In order to ...
  10. How do I import my files into Accounting?

    To take your data from your bank or other account and put it into Farmbrite you will want to take the following steps. On the accounting tab there is a dropdown arrow on the "Record a Transaction" button. Then click the "Import trans...