How do I edit my field layout in Farmbrite?

The field layout feature makes is easy to plan your fields, gardens, greenhouse, or raised beds. It can also help to determine how many plants you will need based on using the plant spacing information entered on the Master Plant List.

To get started, you’ll need to specify the size of your planting area. Enter the number of rows you will be planting and the length of the planting area (in feet), then click the “Update” button. This will update the layout screen with a grid of cells (the number of rows times the length in feet). Each cell in the grid is assigned a letter and number that identifies it’s location in your field layout. Letters for rows and numbers for each 1 foot length section.

Use the layout grid numbering system to label your starts or seedling trays to easily track where they should be planted in your field.

Adding Plants

To add plants to the layout, either click on an individual cell or press and drag to select multiple cells. You will be prompted to select the plant type for the area selected. Simply select from the drop down the plant type you’d like to assign to this area. To add a new plant type to your field, you can click on on the “Add Crop” button on the top right of the layout area.

Once you’ve selected the plant type to assign to an area of your field, you will see it listed with it’s Type, Variety, and Icon (if available). To the right of the plant type you will see the number of plans that should be planted in this foot long section. This is based the plant spacing information entered on the Master Plant List.

Changing Plant locations

To change what plant is assigned to an area, simply hover your mouse over that cell and press the red “X” on the right side of the cell. This will remove this plant from that cell. Now that the cell is empty again, simple follow the steps above to add a different plant.

Printing Planting Guide

When you click on the “Print Planting Guide” you will be prompted to print a friendly guide to help you when planting your field. The Planting guide contains 2 sections:

Plant List

The plant list at the top of the planting guide gives you a convenient checklist of all the plants to plant in this field or bed. You will see a row listing each plant including:

  • The plant type and variety
  • Planting instructions including seed depths and spacing
  • The date to plant
  • The location (based on Farmbrite’s field layout) to plant
  • The number of plants in this location to plant
  • A notes section to keep track of planting info in the field

Planting Layout Map

The planting guide also includes a reference of the layout you created to make it easy to know where to plant.