Logging back into mobile when your session ends

After you use your Farmbrite account there is an amount of time where your session will still be good. After this time you will be logged out. To log back in quickly you can use your keychain or quick saved passwords on your phone. Follow the steps below.

To find your Keychain and Log in on iOS

First, go to the Farmbrite log in screen. Below the 'Sign in' button there is a Key that says 'Passwords'. Click on this to bring up the stored passwords on your phone. 

Your phone will ask you to identify yourself using your Touch ID.

Your phone will bring up a listing of apps on your phone. Click on the app.farmbrite.com link to sign in with autofill password.

To find your Keychain and Log in on Android

Android has many different password management services that are similar to Apple Keychain that you can find such as GoogleSmart Lock and other password managers as well. You can use them in a similar way as the keychain above.