Getting Started with Resources

Farmbrite gives you the ability to track the resources you own around your farm or ranch - we're talking about your equipment, inventory, and storage locations. Want to keep track of the maintenance on your tractor? We have you covered. Need to know how much fertilizer you have remaining, or how many more items you have in stock for your store? Check, we can do that. How about where those items are stored? We can help with that too!  By setting up these resources, you'll be on your way to a more organized farm in no time. 

You can find these features by selecting Resources in your left navigation menu. From there, you'll see three subsections, each tracking a different aspect of your farm's resources. 


The equipment section gives you a place to track you tools, machinery, or vehicles. You can keep records of maintenance performed on the equipment, and set tasks and reminders to complete it. You can also keep track of accounting expenses from your equipment, helping you calculate what it's costing you to own. Look at all the details we can track for our tractor in our example below.


Warehouses are where you'll store your inventory items. These might be buildings like sheds, garages, and silos. They could also be smaller areas like closets, cabinets, or shelves. You'll also be able to create subsections of your warehouses called bins, which allow you to track where specific inventory is held within the warehouses. Check out our example below - we're tracking a storage barn, which then has bins for Sections 1-5, each containing a different product that we sell or crop we harvested. You'll also see other warehouses as well - we might keep fertilizer in the Eastside Shed, or our seed inventory on the Barn Shelves. 


Inventory refers to the products and items you keep in your Warehouses. You can track the quantity you have on hand, where it's stored, when it expires, and other critical information for your business. 

We know that different farmers and ranchers will need to track different items. A farm might need to track remaining fertilizer quantity for crops, while a ranch may need to keep count of medicine for its livestock - and when it's time to harvest, they'll have different products, measured in different ways. Because of these variations, Farmbrite created the inventory system to be very customizable, allowing you track what's important to you. Your inventory will also connect with your Farmbrite Market helping you fulfill orders and know when it is time to make more of your products as well as connecting with other areas within Farmbrite like feed for your livestock. You can also be alerted when you're running low on farm supplies stored in your inventory. So, you can be sure to never run out of items you rely on to keep your operation running. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of the resources available for you to work with, go ahead and take a deeper dive into each section that you find on the Resource Help Homepage - and feel free to reach out to us with questions