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  1. How to Start Using Farmbrite

    How to Start Using Farmbrite Where do you begin with Farmbrite? Start at the beginning! This article will walk you through the steps of getting started setting up your farm. Learn how to add livestock, and crops, equipment, accounting, add tasks an...
  2. Getting Started with Crops

    How do I use the Crops and Fields tab in Farmbrite?
  3. Dashboard (Home)

    The dashboard (home) page in Farmbrite lets you quickly access weather updates, your task list, and other helpful information at-a-glance. These charts and graphs give valuable insight into your agricultural operation. Read below for more details in...
  4. Getting started with Accounting

    How do I enter accounting transactions in Farmbrite?
  5. Adding a Planting

    Under your grow location you will find lots of places to enter your crop information and specific information about your beds and fields. The more information you enter here the more Farmbrite will be able to calculate for you. Details tab The det...
  6. Livestock Dashboard

    Livestock Dashboard Your browser does not support HTML5 video. The Livestock Dashboard page allows you to easily access all of your animals. You can find it by clicking "Livestock" from the navigation menu on the left.  ...
  7. My Crops

    How do you enter a plant detail in Farmbrite?
  8. Getting Started with Contacts

    How do you enter contacts into Farmbrite?
  9. Using Your Schedule to Keep Track of Events

    How to Use the Schedule to Set Calendar Events We know that it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of special events or upcoming appointments for your business. Was the vet coming by Thursday or Friday? What time is the farmer's market sup...
  10. How do I find orders that are associated with contacts?

    How can you find an Order Associated With a Contact in Farmbrite?