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Getting Started with Tasks
Need help keeping track of tasks around your farm or ranch? Check out Farmbrite's Task system to make sure your farm chores are completed.
Task Views
Keep track of your tasks with a list, board, or calendar view in Farmbrite.
Statuses To Track Your Progress
Your farm and ranch tasks are unique - Check out Farmbrite's Task Categories to customize your task list.
Marking a Task as Missed
Use statuses like skipped, missed, and incomplete to mark tasks as done in Farmbrite.
Assigning Tasks
Farm and Ranch hands have their hands full - keep them organized and productive with Farmbrite's Tasks System.
Unassigned Tasks
Keep your tasks unassigned to create a to do list for your farmhands to pick from.
Task Checklist Items
Not every farm and ranch tasks is simple - Use Farmbrite to track your complex livestock and crop tasks.
Tracking Time Spent On Tasks
Need help with tracking time on your farm or ranch? Farmbrite makes it easy to see how long you're spending on livestock and crop tasks.
Geolocating Your Tasks with GPS
Pick the exact location for a task that needs to be completed using GPS geolocation in Farmbrite.
Task Attachments
Add links and attachments to your Farmbrite tasks to reference videos, manuals, documents, instructions, and more.