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Product Homepage Overview
Learn the basics of your Products Homepage
Creating A New Product
One of the first steps to starting your Farmbrite Market Online Store is to create the products you will be selling. You'll need to define what customers can buy, the pricing of those items, and so on. Of course, even after you've done your ...
Importing Products
If you've read our help article about Creating New Products , you know that you can add new products to your Farmbrite Market through the Products Homepage.  However, we know that you if sell a lot of products, it might be time consuming t...
Editing Product Details
How do I enter product details to my online shop in Farmbrite?
Adding Photos To Your Products
How to add photos to your products
How Do I Create Additional Product Categories?
Farmbrite comes preloaded with many categories to classify your products - beef products, vegetables and vegetable products, baked goods, jams and jellies, fiber and wool, and even non-tangible products like CSA Memberships. However, we also know th...
Setting Up Farm Boxes and CSA Memberships As Products
Setting up your Farm Boxes or CSA shares
How To Use QR Codes With Your Product Packaging
Adding a QR code to your product packaging  For certain items in your shop you may want to add a QR code to the packaging. This can be done in Farmbrite by following these steps. Step 1: Add the new product in your Farmbrite online shop G...