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How do I create a bill of sale of an animal?

Selling an animal in Farmbrite

There are times when you will sell and animal from your stock. Maybe it's yearly and maybe it's hardly ever, wherever you end up in the spectrum Farmbrite can help you generate a bill of sale. 

Go to your Livestock tab and go to the specific animal you are selling. Go to the 'sell button on the top right of the screen.

Once you click the 'sell' button it will take you to another screen where you enter more information about the transaction.

Entering information here will keep a record of the transaction (who, when, what and how much). This is helpful to keep track of for your records. 

By clicking the bottom two buttons you will generate an income transaction record in Farmbrite in your accounting tab and it will generate a bill of sale which you can print and give to the customer. 

If you have the generate bill of sale boxed checked as soon as you press save Farmbrite will take you to the bill of sales screen.

The bill of sale will look like this. If you have entered information about yourself and the customer Farmbrite will auto-populate these fields. Otherwise, you can click on the screen and enter the information before you print.