Find information about your Orders page within Farmbrite


Getting Started with Orders
What to sell your farm products online? Learn more about Farmbrite's order system.
Setting Your Order Number Sequence
Starting your Farmbrite orders with a customer order ID number.
Creating Orders
Sell your farm goods online with Farmbrite Market - track orders, inventory, accounting, and more.
Updating Order Statuses and Details
Work with your order statuses in your Farmbrite Market
Discounting Orders
Add discounts to your orders to enhance your customer satisfaction in Farmbrite.
Adding Shipping and Delivery
Add shipping or delivery fees to your customer orders in Farmbrite.
Picking Orders
Pick your order to pack and ship your products from your Market.
Sending Invoices and Receipts
Collect payments and send invoices for Farmbrite's Market - make sales and take payments online!
How do I cancel an order and issue a refund?
Process a refund for your Farmbrite online Market order - track sales with online credit card payments and refunds.
Using Quick Pay
Use QuickPay in Farmbrite Market for sales, refunds, and online credit card processing for your farm stand.