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How do you find online orders in Farmbrite?
Order Details
How do I create and order or invoice in Farmbrite?
How do I send an invoice?
Sending Invoices You can send invoices to your customers through the "Market" tab. You can also send this same information as a receipt. Here are instructions on how to send this to your customers. (Note: You will need to have set up you...
How do I issue a refund in my shop?
Market Refunds You can issue a market refund by going to . Farmbrite does not take payments for your shop. All of payments and refunds are done through Stripe. To issue a refund you will need to log into your Stripe account to access th...
Quick Pay
Quick Pay through Stripe  You will find the quick pay option through the Farmbrite market gives you the ability to provide an easy payment option for your customers.  Your customers will have the ability to pay on-the-go for goods and se...
How do I enter a discount code in the Market
Setting up a discount code in Farmbrite You may want to give a discount code to your customers. Here's how to do that in Farmbrite.  *Please note: Orders will that are in Paid will not be able to have a discount code added. In the case th...