Changing status of livestock

Farmbrite comes preloaded with many statuses to track the current condition of your animals. You might have some animals active, others sold, some off farm, and others sick or quarantined. These can be used to filter your animal list and custom reports to find the animals you're looking for. 

The available statuses include:

  • Active 
  • Archived 
  • Butchered 
  • Culled 
  • Deceased
  • Dry 
  • Finishing
  • For Sale 
  • Lactating 
  • Lost
  • Off Farm 
  • Quarantined 
  • Reference
  • Sick 
  • Sold 
  • Weaning

You can set these statuses on any animal record. Just navigate to the record, edit it, and you'll see a menu for Status. Make sure you save after updating. 

Filtering Your Livestock List by Status

You can use these statuses as filters on your Livestock Homepage to find just the animals you are looking for. Click the filter in the upper right, and you'll see an option for status. Set that filter, and you can easily find all of your animals that meet that criteria. This might be useful for seeing previously sold, butchered, or archived animals as they are not included in the list by default. 

Changing Status in Bulk

If you need to update the status of multiple animals at one time, you can select them from the Livestock Homepage and use the Bulk Actions tool to change them all in one action. Set the filters you need to find the animals you want to update, and then select them and choose Bulk Actions. You can the Edit Selected Animals and update their status in the new window that opens. In the example below we have filtered our list for our buffalos and then marked them all as off farm as we sent them to a friend's grazing pasture on the other side of the county for the next few weeks. 

Deleting Tasks when Selling or Butchering

You might have many future tasks and events associated with an animal that you are going to butcher, cull, sell, or mark deceased. If you change the animal to one of those statuses, you'll see an additional checkbox to optionally remove those incomplete tasks and events. Previously completed tasks will not be removed, but future/incomplete tasks will no longer show on your task list if you check this option.