Changing status of livestock

Changing the status of your livestock in Farmbrite

You can change the status of your animals in Farmbrite to reflect the current health or status of the animal. Some of those status are: Active, butchered, culled, deceased, off-farm, lactating, dry, sick, quarantined, sold, etc. As the health or status changes you can update the status and run reports on this data. 

If you've sold or butchered many animals without recording the status change in Farmbrite, you can set their status to archived. This lets you skip supplying information about their death or sale to save time. This can be done in bulk as a single update to a Livestock Group as well.

Changing this data will also update the animals that you will see in your livestock tab.  

Associating offspring with off-farm animals

If you have an animal that is off farm you will want to keep them as "Active" until you've associated them with their on farm offspring. Once you change the status of these farm animals to "off farm" they will not be available to select as a parent-since they are assumed to be out of the breeding stock.  

If you need to update your records at any time you can sort by "off-farm" in the search text box to find and change the status of off-farm animals to "Active". Then you can simply change their status back to off-farm once you have associated them with their offspring.