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Contacts Overview
How do you enter contacts into Farmbrite?
Creating Contacts
How do you enter contacts in Farmbrite?
What Details Can I Add to My Contacts?
What contact details can you enter in Farmbrite?
How do I find orders that are associated with contacts?
How can you find an Order Associated With a Contact in Farmbrite?
How Do I Keep Detailed Contact Notes?
How do you enter Contact Notes in Farmbrite?
How Do I Download A Spreadsheet of My Contact Records?
How do you Download Contacts in Farmbrite?
Importing Contacts From a Spreadsheet
Importing Contacts If you are migrating to Farmbrite from another farm management system or from Excel or Google docs and want an easy way to add your contacts to Farmbrite, you should consider our import feature. By simply mapping your data from a...