How do I enter crops in Farmbrite?

Under each field you’ll find the "Crops" tab. This is where you can manage the individual crops that you have or are planning to plant in your field (or garden, raised bed, greenhouse, etc).

On this page you will find the following:

  • A grid listing all of the crops for a field
  • Add New Crop Button

Click the “Add New Crop” button to add a new crop to your field.

Grid of Crops

You will see all of the crops for your field listed in alphabetical order. Each crop displays the following information:

  • An icon for the crop (if applicable)
  • The crop type
  • The crop variety
  • Count of plants
  • Planting date
  • Harvest date
  • Actions

Click on the type of the crop to view or edit it.

Click on the Red “X” in the right actions column to remove the crop from your field.

If you have a lot of crops in a field, you may need to page through the list to find the one your looking for. Use the paging buttons at the bottom right of the gird to move between pages of crops.

At the bottom of the grid you can also Download Crops.