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How do I enter plant details in Farmbrite?

When creating or editing crops you can capture a variety of information about each item. This information is different from the plant specific information captured on the Master Plant List and is specific information about that plant type in an individual field.

For each crop in a field you can enter the following information:

  • Plant Type: Select an existing plant from the drop down menu or use the “New Plant” button to create a new plant type. You can an existing plant by selecting it in the drop down menu and clicking “Edit Plant”. Learn more
  • Number of plants planted: This will automatically be calculated for you if you are using the Field Layout Feature
  • Date Planted
  • Days to Maturity: This is automatically populated from the plan information on the Master Plant List
  • Expected Harvest Date: This will automatically be calculated if you enter the “Planting Date” and “Days to Maturity”
  • Plant Performance: Record the overall performance of each plant.

When you save a crop that has information entered about the date planted or expected harvest date, Farmbrite will automatically add the key dates to that field’s Field Calendar

Each plant can also have a planting location on a specific field on the “Layout” tab. Learn more