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Billing information

On the billing page in Farmbrite you will find:

  • A summary of your plan type with an option to change plans
  • Information about your next payment and credit card information
  • A history of your previous payments
  • Canceling your account

Changing Plans

You can change plans with Farmbrite anytime by clicking on the “Change Plan” link. You’ll be prompted with the plan types page. From there you can select a different plan type. Any changes to your plan with automatically prorated.

Updating your credit card information

You can update you card information in anytime by clicking on the “Change Credit Card” link. You’ll be prompted to enter a new credit card information.

History of previous payments

On the billing page of Farmbrite you can see the history of all your past payments. Including the date, amount, and card charged.

Canceling your account

You can cancel your Farmbrite account anytime by clicking on the “Cancel Your Account” link at the bottom right of the billing page. Canceling your account will prevent any future billing, but will not refund any charges already charged. 


If for some reason you are having trouble and need help with any of the following:

- Adjusting your account plan type

- Adjusting payment 

- Refunds

- Any other matter