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How to use a QR code to provide quick access to product details or lab results

Adding a QR code to your product packaging 

For certain items in your shop you may want to add a QR code to the packaging. This can be done in Farmbrite by following these steps.

Step 1: Add the new product in your Farmbrite online shop

Go to your Market tab in Farmbrite

Under Product, Click on "New Product"

Add details about your product

Save and you will be able to images and see orders associated with this product.

Step 2: Add a file to be stored under your Account Files

Go to the tab at the top of the screen that says "Account"

Go to File Library

Add a file by clicking the "Upload File" button.

(Once you save and refresh your screen you'll be able to click the link button or delete if needed.) 

Copy the link by clicking the link button and paste it into the product on your shop.

-Go back to the product page and add link to the product page for this item in your Farmbrite shop.

Go to your Market tab

Go to the Product and tab down to the description of the product

Add some word or description like "View item here" and highlight the words

Right click and add link by copy and pasting it into the box that opens.


Step 3: Download a QR code and print

Got to your products

Click on the specific product 

Go to the top right hand corner of the screen. There is a small square.

Click on the small square

Print by clicking on the "Print this QR code label" 

Adjust the size and print