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Activities and Events

Creating a Calendar Event

To create a new Activity/Event,  select Schedule from the left navigation menu, and then  click New Activity in the upper left of your Calendar. 

A new window will be displayed; use it to supply information about this new activity. In the example below we're creating a calendar reminder for an event - a farmers market booth we're setting up for a local festival. 

You'll be able to provide many details for this task, but note that only a title and date/time are required - all other fields are optional.

If the activity occurs for the full day, use the All Day Checkbox to note that - the activity will be displayed on the header of  your calendar. 


You're able to  (A) provide a description of the event for your to reference later, and (B) associate an equipment resource, animal, or growing location with the task. Use the associate ability if the Activity is pertinent to something specific around your farm. You can also (C) add a checklist of subtasks to help you prepare for the activity, and customize this event by (D) selecting what color you'd like it to be displayed as on your calendar. This can help you distinguish certain tasks at a glace; perhaps you might make livestock chores blue, and garden chores green. 

You can also set the activity to repeat as a series of events on your calendar - our farmers market event recurs weekly during the summer. Note that there is a limit of 100 Daily Recurring Tasks that you can create. 

Once you've supplied your Activity information, be sure to click Create to add it to your schedule.

If you’ve enabled schedule reminders you should receive a daily email from Farmbrite summarizing the upcoming calendar events as well as the top tasks that are assigned to you (if any).

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