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Adding a new activity to your Schedule

Creating a new activity 

You can keep track of important activities and events on your farm calendar. From the main Schedule tab simply click 'New Activity' or if you click on a time slot on the main calendar a 'New Event' box will open. You can enter the following for each calendar event:

  • Title
  • Detailed information or description if needed
  • Whether or not it’s an all day activity
  • The start and end dates and times
  • Whether to track as a 'To Do'. If selected, these will show up under the tasks tab on the left side of the screen.
  • The color to use for the event. This makes it easy to categorize related events on your calendar.
  • Whether the event repeats and if so how often.

All calendar events created through-out Farmbrite will be include on this master calendar.

If you’ve enabled schedule reminders you should receive a daily email from Farmbrite summarizing the upcoming calendar events as well as the top tasks that are assigned to you (if any).

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