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Accounting Overview

The main Accounting page is where you can easily track the income and expenses for your business. The top of this page gives a quick overview of your business finances. 

Here are some of the charts and summaries you will find:

  • Chart of income vs expenses 
  • Chart of expense categories 
  • A summary (At a glance view) of your income, expenses and profit for the filtered year 
  • Filtering and search bar
  • A grid listing all of your transactions 
  • Record a Transaction button 
  • Generate P&L Statement button

Finding your Transactions

You can easily search for any of your transactions using the search bar located on the top right of the list. The search bar will search for transactions based on their Name, Category, Payee or Keywords. Simply type in your search criteria and hit enter to search.

You can also filter your list of transactions by year. Filter by selecting the button with the down arrow to the left of the search bar and choose the year you’d like to view.

Grid of Transactions

You will see all of your transactions listed in a grid on the main Accounting page. Each transaction shows the Date, Payee, Category, Type (Income/Expense), Amount and actions.

You can sort the items in the grid by clicking on any of the column headers. An arrow next to the column header indicates that column is being sorted and in what direction the data is ordered.

Click on the pencil icon in the right actions column to view or edit it.

Click on the Red “X” in the right actions column to delete the transaction from Farmbrite. 

Note Deleted records cannot be recovered.

If you have a lot of transactions, you may need to page through the list to find the one your looking for. Use the paging buttons at the bottom right of the gird to move between pages of transactions.

At the bottom of the grid you can also Download Transactions for the current year you’re viewing.

Creating Orders or Invoices

You can easily create and share invoices with your customers. Check out “Creating Orders or Invoices” under the Market Section.

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