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Using the mobile version of Farmbrite (different from the native mobile app)

Using the mobile enabled version of Farmbrite on your phone or tablet will give you access to all the functionality that Farmbrite offers. 

The native mobile app was designed to give you quick access to your livestock and crop notes and high level details. But it does not at this time offer all the functionality that the desktop or mobile enabled versions offer. 

(Note: You will need cell service or wifi for this.)

What is the difference between the native mobile app and the mobile version on Farmbrite?

The Native Mobile App: The native mobile app is downloaded onto you mobile device through the app store. You can use this out in the field or wherever you are without the need to access the internet or cellular service. When you get back to a place with internet your noes, completed tasks, etc will sync to your account. This will bring all your data up to date. 

This version is slightly different than the desktop version that you might see on your computer.

The mobile enabled version of Farmbrite: This is a version of Farmbrite that fits on your mobile devices. Meaning you won't have to move the screen around to see all the data from a regular website. When you use the mobile enabled version of Farmbrite it gives you access to all the features that the desktop version offers but on your cellphone or tablet. You can access this anywhere that you have cellular service or wifi and it updates automatically with your other Farmbrite data.