Importing my data from Quickbooks into Farmbrite[Hidden]

Importing your data from Quickbooks into Farmbrite

Many customers find they want to switch their data from one accounting system into Farmbrite. They often find that mapping their data from one system to the next can be a challenge because of the different ways in which these software programs store and sort the data. In this article will find the steps to help you easily map and import your data from Quickbooks.

* Before importing all your data, we suggest that you try a small test import to make sure you understand the process and are satisfied with how the data is imported into Farmbrite.

  1. Export data from Quickbooks (Online)
    • Go to Reports
    • Run the "Transaction List by Date Report"
    • Adjust Date range to include transactions you want to import into Farmbrite
    • Download Excel file

  2. Format data for import
    • Delete extra columns (unneeded or empty)
    • Delete any double entry items
    • Make sure to keep the column headers (Date, Transaction Type, etc).
    • Add a Reporting Year if applicable
    • Delete extra rows above column headers (Your Business, List by Dates, etc).
  3. Optionally, update Transaction Types to be either "Income" or "Expense".  (Farmbrite will automatically detect this based on transactions being negative or positive amounts.)
    • Export data as a CSV3. Import data into FB
    • From the Accounting screen, click the import button
    • Select your CSV file
    • Map your data from Quickbooks to Farmbrite
      • Date > date
      • Num > check_number (optional)
      • Name > vendor
      • Memo/Description > description
      • Split > category (Optional, if you want to use Quickbooks categories)
      • Amount > amount
      • Reporting Year > reporting year
      • * You can skip mapping other fields
    • Click 'Import Records'
  4. Review import results and verify data and enjoy!