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How do I use the Board View to track my Tasks?

Using the Board View for Your Tasks

If you're using Tasks to track the work that needs to be done around your farm, you might need additional statuses that go beyond just marking the task as complete. It may help you to  track tasks that are Up Next, In Progress, On Hold, or Backlogged for the future. The task statuses you use are customizable to your account, letting you track your work in a way that meets your unique business needs.

To get started, select Tasks from your left Navigation menu. 

The standard List View will allow you to mark an outstanding Task complete by simply checking the circle next to it. 

Farmbrite knows that many of your Tasks are not that simple, and that you may want to mark something as In Progress to note that it is being worked on, but not yet completed. To work with additional statuses, you'll want to select the Board View button in the upper right. 

You'll immediately see two default columns on the Board - To Do, and Done. Think of this board as a drag-and-drop chore list - you can pick the task card from one column, and drag it to the next by clicking and holding your mouse. 

To add additional statuses/columns, click the Pencil button. This will bring you to your Settings page.

Find the section for Tasks Statuses, and add any columns/statuses you'd like to use here. Each status should be on it's own line, so be sure to hit Enter to create your line breaks. Also note that you'll likely want to recreate the default statuses here, or customize them to suite your needs. In our example below, we've create Backlog, On Deck, In Progress, and Complete as our four statuses. Be aware that you may create up to 7 columns/statuses. Check out the selection for Default Task View right below that too, as you can default your Task page to the Board View here. this will automatically load the Board View when you access your Tasks page.

Once you've added your statuses, click Save Settings in the bottom right. 

Navigate back to your Tasks page, and you'll see your new columns/statuses. 

You can now drag and drop your Task cards to your different columns to put them in your new statuses. We got the oil change on the old Chevy done, and we're working on the pepper harvest - that will likely take a few days, so we'll keep it In Progress for now. Next up - watering our tomatoes and moving our Bison to Field B! 

You can see this board view for individual Farmbrite users by selecting that user from the menu in the upper right. You might even Print the task list as well to distribute to your workers. Dennis has 4 tasks On Deck, and 1 Backlogged - if he has time after the most important work, he knows he can work on the chainsaw and clear out that backlogged task. 

What other statuses/columns would you create for your unique needs? Reach out to us and let us know, we are always interested in learning about the customized ways you use Farmbrite to run your business!